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We're fuelling farms and agricultural communities with fuel oil and advanced additives that are designed to aid efficiency and assist with the seasonal challenges within agriculture. We understand the needs and demands of modern farming and we will continue to explore and provide new products to help support our valued British farmers.

Domestic Tank Mate


To help ensure supply continuity, we’ve developed Tank Mate to complement your fuel management process.

The Tank Mate offered by Compass Energy is a user-friendly and accurate fuel monitoring system that makes fuel ordering much simpler. The easy to install system can offer you daily readings of your fuel levels to offer you comfort that you have the correct amount of fuel in tank and ordered for your farm

Additionally, we offer a convenient alert system that can be changed seasonally to adapt to the increase in demands during the busier agricultural periods Contact us to find out how Tank Mate can help your farms.



Compass Energy has developed a range of advanced agricultural and industrial additives designed specifically for those applications. The specialist additives are carefully formulated to address specific challenges and optimise fuel performance in these demanding and critical environments.

In the agricultural sector, fuel additives are often used to improve the performance of diesel or gasoline fuels used in:
• Farm equipment • Machinery • Vehicles

These additives help both your equipment and the environment around you:
• Enhance fuel combustion • Reduce fuel system deposits • Improve engine efficiency • Increased lubricity • Corrosion protection • Enhanced fuel stability • Reduce emissions. • Minimise negative impacts of contaminants • Improved fuel economy • Enhance equipment reliability • Reduce maintenance costs.

These additives can be used in a variety of industries, including:
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Transportation
• Power generation plants

Agricultural and industrial fuel additives come in various forms, including liquid concentrates, powders, or capsules. They are typically added to the fuel during refuelling, ensuring a consistent and controlled dosage.

When selecting agricultural and industrial fuel additives, it is important to choose products that are compatible with the specific fuel type and application. Consulting with fuel additive suppliers or industry experts can help determine the most suitable additive for a particular need.

By incorporating agricultural and industrial fuel additives into fuel management practices, we can offer a cost-effective solution to enhance fuel quality and overcome challenges associated with fuel systems in demanding agricultural and industrial settings.

Contact us to find out more about additives that could help your farm.

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