How to Lower Your Heating Oil Price Today

Heating expenses have been rising for a while now, and customers are starting to express concerns about this extra cost, especially with winter fast approaching. By actively seeking methods to curtail energy bills and seeking advice on minimising heating oil expenses, you can save money on your heating oil price today! Continue reading for more information.

What is the Cheapest Way to Use Oil Heating?

Some methods of using heating oil in a more efficient way to save money can include:

  • Ordering before the busy periods.
  • Servicing your boiler regularly.
  • Using a fuel savings plan.
  • Filling your tank to the top.
  • Bleeding your radiators regularly.
  • Turning off your radiators when not in the room.
  • Removing items in front of your radiators.
  • Block out any draughts, including your chimney!
  • Consider home insulation.
  • Investigate any government grants available to you.
  • Wear more clothing to keep warm.
  • Check for leaks and spills.

Order Before the Busy Periods

Annually, the heating oil sector experiences a sequence of peak periods throughout the winter season. Therefore, heating oil costs tend to escalate alongside this heightened demand. We strongly recommend replenishing your tank in summer when deliveries are readily available and prices are more stable. They tend to shoot up come wintertime!

Sudden cold spells and unforeseen variables, such as global relations or potential pandemics, can substantially amplify the demand. In the past, both our company and competitors encountered challenges in meeting this increased demand. Furthermore, when these problems occur, and the orders start skyrocketing, there is a finite number of fuel delivery trucks on the roads in the UK, potentially leading to delays in service.

To ensure the most favourable price and timely delivery, we encourage you to routinely inspect your tank and place your order well in advance.

You can use our Domestic Tank Mate to let us keep track of your fuel, and there's a handy app you can check!

Service Your Oil Heating Boiler

Regularly maintaining your oil-fired boiler can be the most effective way to reduce oil consumption and ensure optimal boiler performance. You should schedule a boiler service annually – you don't want a breakdown happening during the colder months!

Call us to order on 01432 381907.

Use Our Domestic Fuel Savings Plan!

Through our helpful notification alerts, you can effortlessly order the precise quantity of heating oil required at your convenience. This way, your heating oil supply will be ready precisely when needed. Your payments will be seamlessly processed through Direct Debit on the predetermined date every month, allowing you to avoid larger, single lump-sum bills.

After accumulating sufficient savings, you can either place an order equivalent to the balance in your account or supplement it with a single, additional payment.

Enrolling in our Fuel Savings Plan extends beyond mere cost savings; it brings along additional perks. These include prioritised delivery and the availability of our tank monitor at a reduced rate.

Look at our Domestic Fuel Savings Plan now.

Fill Your Tanks Right Up

The volume of heating oil you request can impact the price, and smaller orders typically carry a higher cost per litre (ppl) compared to larger orders.

The capacity of your tank influences the quantity of heating oil you can store, so we recommend verifying your tank's kerosene holding capacity and placing an order for the maximum safe amount your tank can accommodate. However, it's crucial not to risk overfilling.

Should you have concerns about heating oil deterioration over time, feel free to discuss our heating oil additives and Fuel Tank Sponge with our sales team. These solutions can aid in averting water and sludge contamination within your tank.

Bleed Your Radiators

Regularly purging air from your radiators will assist in preventing the accumulation of air pockets. The presence of air within your radiators can prevent the most efficient functioning of your heating oil system.

Neglecting to bleed your radiators can result in uneven heat distribution. This inconsistency in heating will consequently extend the time required to warm up a room and lead to increased oil consumption.

Turn Off Your Radiators

Following on from the last point, in areas of your home that are currently unused, consider turning off the radiators. To fully capitalise on this practice, remember to close the doors behind you, preventing cold air from permeating the rest of the house. If you have a designated home office and spend most of your day working there, this approach can be particularly beneficial for conserving heating oil and energy.

Allow Radiator Heat Circulation

Yet another radiator-related action you can perform to lower your heating oil price today!
Ensure no obstacles obstruct your radiators, such as beds, sofas, curtains, or furniture. These objects can impede and absorb the heat, preventing it from circulating effectively throughout the room. To optimise heat distribution, ensure that the warmth can flow freely, and you won't need to use as much heating oil to warm your home.

Get Rid of Draughts

An excellent approach to lowering your heating oil price involves insulating your home. Home insulation plays a pivotal role in maintaining a consistent indoor temperature and minimising your fuel consumption. By effectively protecting areas where heat commonly escapes, you can significantly reduce your oil consumption during the heating process.

Here are some solutions to lower your heating costs:

  • Shield against cold air infiltration by insulating windows and sealing gaps around doors.
  • Capitalise on daylight by keeping curtains open during the day to allow sunlight in and close them in the evening to retain warmth.
  • Keep internal doors shut to preserve heat, and try a draught excluder for larger gaps beneath doors when feasible.

Block Your Chimney

When your chimney is not in use, consider employing an approved draught balloon to block it. Using a chimney balloon is an effective technique to minimise energy loss within a room. These balloons prevent cold air entry into your home and prevent warm air from escaping.
Ultimately, utilising a chimney balloon can enhance the warmth retention of your house, contributing to savings on heating oil and energy expenses.

Home Insulation

The average off-grid residence tends to be older and less insulated than the UK's general housing standards. Consider a more comprehensive insulation upgrade as a sustainable strategy to counter the escalating energy expenses.

Consider looking at the Energy Saving Trust for in-depth guidance on home insulation. These recommendations are designed to optimise your utilisation of existing heating oil resources. Additionally, explore the government's measures to aid heating oil-dependent households amidst the ongoing energy crisis.

Government Grants

As mentioned above, numerous grants exist to support enhancing energy efficiency in your residence. The government has slowly implemented them to ensure people can be warm in their homes.

Explore online resources to determine whether you qualify for these grants, such as alternative fuel payments and much more.

Lower Your Heating Oil Price Today with Clothes!

By dressing warmly and employing blankets, you can comfortably reduce the thermostat setting while maintaining a cosy ambience in your home. Don't go cold, wear that lovely thick jumper you bought, ready for winter!

Watch Out for Leaks and Spills

Ensuring the safety and suitability of your fuel tank is arguably the most important factor in lowering your heating expenses. Deterioration or damage to your tank could lead to fuel loss, either within the tank's internal bund (in the case of a bunded tank) or in the vicinity of the tank's location. The expenses associated with fuel spill cleanup can escalate significantly based on the following:

  • Cost of fuel and tank replacement.
  • Amount of fuel spilled.
  • Proximity to waterways and other structures.
Prevent this scenario by routinely checking your tank and enlisting the services of a heating technician for a formal inspection of the tank during your annual boiler servicing if necessary.


Armed with all these tips to lower your heating oil price today, you can feel relief knowing you can stay warm this winter while also increasing the efficiency of heating your home.

Try putting some of these tips into action and see the benefits quickly.

You can always contact us if you need heating oil for your home.

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