Industrial & Construction Fuel supplier


At Compass Energy we understand how important fuel can be across industries, be that for plant & machinery, manufacturing, fuelling your fleet, or keeping buildings warm.

Our Growing fleet of tankers can service your industrial fuel requirement across Bristol, South Wales, South East, Three Counties, Midlands, and Lincolnshire to keep plant, machinery, and homes warm and running efficiently.

As a trusted fuel supplier, our knowledgeable team is ready to process your order efficiently.

Industrial Gas Oil and Red Diesel Supplier


Check out our range of industrial heating oil products to benefit and assist the construction industry with the seasonal challenges and improve efficiencies.



We understand that industries such as manufacturing, construction, transportation, and logistics often have high fuel demands to operate heavy machinery, fleets of vehicles, generators, and other equipment.

Choose a fuel supplier that is in tune with these demands and has a track record working in these sectors. Choose Compass Energy.

Talk with one of our dedicated team about your construction and industrial equipment fuel needs and they will help make your ordering process as streamlined and simple as possible. You want fuel when and where you need it. Our team will make sure it’s delivered.

We’ll also advise on our range of additives to help increase equipment efficiency and promote longer life – we understand the harsh demands on construction and industrial plants, so anything that can help to prolong life is worth checking out.

Once your order is received our experienced team will process, plan, and deliver on time and in full. We will ensure that one of our highly trained professional drivers delivers your fuel safely and securely.

Reliability and timeliness are critical aspects of industrial fuel delivery services. Providers understand the importance of minimising downtime and ensuring uninterrupted fuel supply for industrial operations.

Compass Energy strives to deliver fuel promptly and may offer additional features such as emergency delivery services or 24/7 support to address any unexpected fuel needs.

Compass Energy has become the trusted fuel supplier to many industrial and commercial businesses

Let Compass Energy help you keep your business needs simply and effectively moving

Always here to help. Whatever your requirements, questions, queries or just simply if you want advice, the experienced Compass team will become your new 'trusted partner in business'.

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