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    Stockport (SK1-5, 7)
    Cheadle (SK8)
    Wilmslow (SK9)

    Domestic heating oil and commercial fuel supplier Cheshire.

    Cheshire. A county famous for its beautiful cheese. Why? Because it’s produced locally. Shopping local is more important than ever to keep our communities and businesses thriving. If you use heating oil in your home, farm, or business, then CHOOSE LOCAL. Compass Energy is a true local supplier of home heating oil, fuels oils and additives for domestic, agricultural and industrial use. Support your local Cheshire business community and choose Compass Energy delivering to all towns and villages in Cheshire.

    Home heating oil prices Cheshire

    Living in a Cheshire town or village and use oil to heat your home or run your business? Then it makes sense to shop local and get the most competitive prices. Ask us for a quote today and we will give you our best price, and because our delivery drivers are local, they know Cheshire well, so you can be confident of on-time deliveries right to your door. Choose local. Choose Compass Energy.


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