Sustainability and Home Heating Oil

The oil industry is spending billions of pounds collectively on finding environmentally sound and sustainable solutions to products such as heating oil, diesel and other oil-based fuel derivatives.

At Compass Energy we welcome the change that will come when these new products have been researched, created and tested ready for market. We acknowledge the desire of our customers to lead a more sustainable life, and we are committed to being part of the solution to bring green, eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for home heating oil and the fuels that drive agriculture and industry.

Sustainable products are already here.

Lower carbon fuels are already in use, and others are being researched and tested. Such products as cleaner burning, low-sulphur and ultra-low sulphur biofuels, hydrotreated vegetable oil or renewable diesel (HVO - a fossil-free diesel alternative), ethanol, and a second generation of biofuels.

These ‘new’ fuels are designed to be cleaner burning, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and causing less impact on the environment. However, there are economic and environmental considerations for any new type of fuel, and cost may be the biggest barrier to seeing them in wider use.

Compass Energy is committed to sustainability.

Service, safety and sustainability is at the heart of all that we do at Compass Energy. We are currently working with industry bodies, think-tanks and task forces to investigate and supply modern, lower carbon fuels in a cost-effective way.

We strive to ensure that our transport and supply methods help make our own fleet delivery more environmentally friendly, and our drivers are trained to the highest standard of safety and service.

We are active members of the relevant trade associations, gaining insight into emerging developments and technologies that will assist with our environmental journey.

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