The Importance of Fuel Tank Security: How to Protect Your Fuel Against Theft

Local storage of fuel, being a valuable commodity, can be attractive to thieves. The theft of fuels like red diesel, kerosene, DERV, and their storage tanks can be costly to replace. Fuel theft leads to financial losses and disrupts business operations if machinery is left without fuel or your home without heating! This article will explore how you can protect your fuel against theft.

Methods of Securing Your Fuel Tank

Occasionally, security measures may prove insufficient, and on other occasions, the individual responsible might have unintentionally neglected to secure the tank or security gate before the end of their shift. Presented below are several suggestions and items that can aid in safeguarding your tank.

Fuel Management Systems (FMS)

Enhancing the security of commercial diesel storage tanks can be effectively achieved by implementing a Fuel Management System (FMS). Fuel Management Systems are specifically designed to not only improve the security of fuel tanks but also provide control over daily fuel consumption. These systems ensure that only authorised individuals can dispense fuel and that only authorised vehicles are refuelled.

Tank Level Gauging Systems

Tank Level Gauging Systems are tools used to measure and monitor the level of oil within tanks. These systems provide accurate and real-time information about the quantity of oil present in the tank.

The information provided by Tank Level Gauging Systems isn’t just great for fuel tank security, it is crucial for:

  • Inventory management
  • Efficient operations
  • Preventing overflows and shortages
  • Planned refills
  • Detecting leaks and theft
  • Optimising storage capacity
We provide the Tank Mate solution to alleviate one of the burdens in your busy schedule, allowing you to focus on more critical matters. The Tank Mate is a highly precise device that can be effortlessly installed by trained professionals and is designed to take daily readings of your fuel tanks. Accessing these readings is convenient through our mobile app, and we even offer the option to receive text or email notifications when you reach your predetermined threshold.

Look at our Tank Mate, one for agriculture and industry, and another for domestic use.


The location of your tank plays a pivotal role in determining its susceptibility to theft. For instance, if the tanker is situated near a pathway, it unintentionally becomes an easy target. Similarly, for industry, the placement of your tank within your terminal is crucial. It should be visible from the back office for monitoring purposes but also concealed from potential thieves. When positioning the tank, ensure easy access for refilling and refuelling vehicles that rely on it. Moreover, if a mobile tanker is parked within the terminal and securely locked, particularly at night, the risk of theft is significantly diminished.


Whilst your facility may already be equipped with anti-theft alarms and gates to ensure security, you can further enhance tank protection by installing an alarm system directly within the tank. This internal alarm system can be configured to send notifications to relevant staff members whenever the fuel level falls below a pre-defined threshold. By implementing this additional layer of security, you can promptly address any potential fuel-level issues and mitigate the risk of unauthorised access or fuel theft.

Anti Syphon Valves and Fuel Caps

Anti-syphon valves serve as one-way valves installed at the tank inlets, enabling tank filling while effectively blocking fuel syphoning. Adding a lockable filler cap or padlocks can significantly contribute to preventing theft. Although these measures do not guarantee complete prevention, they act as deterrents against potential theft attempts.

Defensive Equipment

Perhaps you would prefer an old-school method? Potential intruders are unlikely to be equipped or willing to navigate through obstacles such as barbed wire and broken glass that are strategically placed around your tank. By implementing effective defensive measures, you can significantly impede unauthorised access to your tank or terminal, denying perpetrators an easy entry point.

Security Lighting

To make your tank less appealing to potential thieves without breaking the bank, consider installing security lighting. Intruders typically prefer to operate in darkness, but with the addition of security lighting near the tank, any suspicious activity can be easily detected. This cost-effective measure enhances visibility and acts as a deterrent, making it more challenging for perpetrators to target your tank unnoticed.


Maybe this is an obvious choice since we are surrounded by them daily. Although CCTVs alone may not be sufficient to deter thieves, they do serve as a valuable security measure, especially when combined with other security features. When integrated with complementary security measures, such as alarms, access control systems, or security personnel, CCTVs enhance the overall effectiveness of your security infrastructure, providing a comprehensive approach to safeguarding against theft and unauthorised activities.

Defensive Planting

This might seem like an odd one, yet surprisingly effective! Planting thorny hedges around the perimeter of your storage tank to impede quick access. While some thieves may come prepared with tools to cut fences and padlocks, most won't have the luxury of time to deal with removing prickly hedges if they were unable to breach the gate due to a strong padlock or if they wanted to avoid being spotted from nearby buildings.


We hope we've provided you with sufficient ideas on how to ensure the security of your oil tanks and safely protect your fuels and oils from potential thieves. Given the current prices of fuels and oils, they have become attractive targets for both criminal enterprises and opportunistic thieves.

If you're considering the installation of a new storage tank for your construction site, business premises, or even residential property, we're here to assist you with getting the fuel you need afterwards!

We also have a range of products for various uses to make your life easier when it comes to fuel.

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